About FL Workshops

First Light Workshops is a local HR agency designed to help people find one of two things. Either their first jobs, where experience can be very difficult to come by, or their “first job” for people that have hated what they’ve been doing and are looking for a change in careers, but just don’t have the experience to make the switch. We’re here to help. We recruit great talent with awesome potential and put on workshops coupled with a crash course and one or two interviews lined up to give anyone new a fighting chance.

wendyMeet Wendy

Wendy is the founder and CEO of First Light Workshops and she was inspired by the typical phrase we have all heard or said ourselves, “how can I gain experience when I can’t get a job without experience?”. I’m sure we’re all a little too familiar with that phrase, and instead of simply volunteering all her time for free, Wendy sought to gain experience and relevant learning FAST. Which is exactly what she did and now offers. She shares great tips and tricks as well as some personal favourites through the company blog.