Steps To Quick Filing For A Divorce

Are you looking for information about filing for divorce in BC? Here are the four simple steps to processing your divorce:

Step 1: Agree about crucial issues of your divorce—Negotiate with your spouse to agree about whose responsibility will be child custody as well as issues regarding division of property. If you do not have any disputes about these key things, then your divorce will be smooth and quick.

Step 2: Separate if you think your spouse will contest the divorce. Contested divorce proceedings are lengthy and can wear you down. Fortunately, you can be granted a divorce fast if you have been staying away from your spouse for at least one year.

I got divorced in Ontario

Step 3: File a No-fault divorce—this divorce gives a relief to both parties since it doesn’t need one to show the wrongs of the other.

Step 4: Retain a divorce attorney—whether or not you and your spouse have agreed on certain important specifics in advance, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer. Contrary to the belief among some people that a lawyer only serves to prolong the divorce process (which makes some to resort to do-it-yourself divorce), an experienced attorney will remove the chances of making mistakes and navigate the court system to get you the quickest results. Usually, uncontested divorce cases are cheaper than contested cases.

Hire only qualified divorce lawyers in divorce laws Canada since the procedures of filing for divorce is complicated.

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